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U.S. History - Supreme Court Cases Fall 2017: In-Text Citations

In-Text Citations

In -Text Citations

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due INSIDE Your Writing!

Two ways to cite your sources:

·         Bibliography or Works Cited at the end of your project – This is always required!

·         In-Text citations within the text of your paper – You would add this feature when you write a paper.

Using in-text citations means citing sources within the body of your paper

·         The purpose of an in-text citation is to indicate specifically which information came from which source.

·         Each in-text citation should refer clearly to one of the items in the “Works Cited” list at the end of your paper.

·         Label this kind of list of sources “Works Cited,” NOT “Bibliography.”

Example of paper and Works Cited

In-Text Citations

Example of in-text citations and works cited

more in-text citations