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U.S. History - Supreme Court Cases Fall 2017: Books, Ebooks, and Encyclopedias

George Woodruff Library Catalog

Reserve Books

Many of the books you need are on reserve!‎

They must not be checked out, and at the end of every class, they are to be ‎shelved neatly on the Reserve Cart. Don't forget to use the table of contents or the index in the back of the book to locate the specific information you need.

NoodleTools Notes:  

  • First choose "Print or in-hand" to answer the question "Where is it?"
  • Then choose "Book" to answer the question "What is it?" even if the title of the book indicates it is an encyclopedia or part of a multi-volume set (unless it is World Book or Britannica Online)
  • You may quick cite your book by using the ISBN number.
  • CHECK what NoodleTools gives you for complete and correct information!

Online Encyclopedias

Britannica Online is available to the Westminster community. You may click on the logo below to link to it or access it through the GWL section of the Westminster website.  If you are off campus when you access Britannica Online you will need to log on with your student id and last name (see EZ Proxy box below).

NoodleTools Note:

  • Choose Website for "Where is it?"

  • Then choose reference source for "What is it?"

  • Click "Copy & Paste a Citation" in the Quick Cite bar.  Copy and paste the source citation. Sometimes it is at the end of the article and sometimes it is at the top right. 

  • Include the document URL as well as the publication date. 

  • Click submit at the bottom of the page.

  • New information: If you are citing a primary source in Britannica Online and it does not have a prepared source citation, then you should:

    • Choose to cite it as a website and then a reference source.

    • Click "Copy and paste a citation" then

    • Type the following in the word processing box: "Name of primary source." Britannica School. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., 2015. URL. day month year of access.



The George Woodruff Library has access to ebook titles available to read on your computer.

If you are off campus when you access these ebook titles you will need to use your EZ Proxy userid (your student ID) and password (your last name). 

Click on  the cover of the book below to access it:

NoodleTools Notes:  

  • Choose "E-book" for "Where is it?"
  • Choose "Reference Source" for "What is it?"
  • You may copy and paste the MLA citation to the right of the article you are using.
  • Don't forget to include the URL!
  • Don't forget to write down the page numbers for your parenthetical citations.








Print Encyclopedia

Encyclopedias are sets of books, multi-volume.  We have World Book Encyclopedia, 2013 edition in print.  If there is an author, his or her name will appear at the end of the article.

NoodleTools Note:

Choose "Print or in-hand" for "Where is it?" then reference source for "What is it?"

Helpful hints:

  • The author is listed at the end of the article entry you are reading in very small letters!
  • The publisher is World Book

Click submit at the bottom of the page.

How to access ebooks and Britannica Encyclopedia when off campus

  • The electronic databases on this page will require a username and password when you access them from off campus. 
  • Your username is your student ID and your password is your last name. 
  • Your student ID can be found on the schedule you received at the beginning of the semester or in a notebook in the library.