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World Cultures Latin America Spring 2018: Home

World Cultures Research Project


Pantanillo, Sierra Nevada National Park, Mû?rida, Venezuela, Andes mountains, South America, Latin America.. Photography. Britannica ImageQuest, Encyclopædia Britannica, 25 May 2016. Accessed 19 Mar 2018.

Latin America Research Project

Every country has a story. In Latin America, the stories have a similar pattern [Origins → Colonization→Independence → Modern Day].

You will pick one country and tell its story through a visual presentation.

Graded Elements:

  • Bulleted Notes (Google Slides) due: 3/26

  • Bibliography (Word doc; submit on Schoology) due: 3/26

  • Visual Display (Your Choice) due 3/29

  1. Step 1: Research (Notes and Bibliography)

    1. Create a Google Slideshow. Each slide should contain bulleted notes answering the questions and at least one (1) image.

    2. Create a Bibliography using Noodle Tools

    3. Use the LibGuide only for research

  2. Step 2: Create a visual representation of your notes. It does NOT need to be fancy; rather, it should be informative and interesting.

    1. Some ideas: iMovie, Poster, Timeline, comic strip, ??

  3. Step 3: Share out

    1. We will have a gallery walk of the projects in class Thursday 3/29

I will create a master Google Slide Show and share it using this guide.

Slide 1: Location

Image of country showing the relative location

Slide 2: Geography

  • Key physical features

  • How do physical features affect the culture?

Slide 3: Culture

  • What religions are practiced?

  • What languages spoken?

  • What cultural groups are in the country?

  • Other interesting facts?

Slide 4: Origins

Who were the original inhabitants of the country?

  • Name (s)

  • Way of life

  • Other interesting facts

Slide 5: Colonization

Who colonized this country?

  • What country

  • When

  • What was colonial life like?

Slide 6: Independence

  • When

  • Who

  • What happened?

Slide 7: Modern Day

  • What does the country produce? (major exports)

  • What type of government does it have?

  • What are two (2) challenges the nation faces?

  • What is everyday life like for people in this country? (art/music/sports)

Slide 8: Interesting Facts

  • Find at least 3 additional interesting facts about this nation

Slide 9: Flag

  • Find an image of the current flag and explain what it represents  


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