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United States History

Mr. Snyder

The slideshow project will have the group make a Google Slideshow on their time period.  The goal of the project is to have your slideshow educate and entertain the rest of the class about your time period and topics.  The slideshow should consist of a minimum of 30 slides and be accompanied by music. 

Slideshow Particulars


  • Group Projects.
  • Length: minimum 30 slides with 4 or more main topics/stories taught. Slides should include text, as well as graphs, maps and pictures, etc., basically anything that will further enhance our knowledge on the subject.
  • You will also print a summary of your slides to give to the librarian so that she can grade your MLA citations.
  • Additional resources - - Explanation and example of how to cite in MLA format with Google Slides -


  • We will refresh on MLA research the week April 3-6 and then work on the project from April 9-13 (note, we may be doing other work in class as well)
  • The projects will be presented in class on Day 1 & 2 of the week of April 17th - 18th/19th


  • 100 points possible (80% content/20% citations).


  • All sources cited with a bibliography slide at the end of the production
  • Duration: 5~8 minutes. 
  • The project must be shared with the Mr. Snyder AND a printed copy given to him prior to the class presentation


Group 1 – Post Civil War Reconstruction  (Ch 17 white book/Topic 9 Pearsons)

Possible topics include: How the South was rebuilt; Politics in the post Civil War era; Radical Reconstruction; What was life like for the newly freed slave; The rise of hate groups like the KKK


Group 2 – The Old West and the closing of the frontier - (Ch 18 white book/Topic 10.2-10.3 Pearsons)

Possible topics include:  The Pony Express; Ranchers vs. Farmers (and barbed wire); Wounded Knee; the Dawes Act


Group 3 – The Growing Economy - (Ch 19 white book/Topic 10.1 & 10.4 Pearsons)

Possible topics include: Mining in the West : Railroad Barons ; The story of Levi Strauss ; Andrew Carnegie’s rise ;  Tycoons ; Monopolies & Trusts

Group 4 – A new wave of immigration & the growth of cities – (Ch 20 white book/Topic 11.1 & 11.2 Pearsons)

Possible topics include: Reasons for immigration; prejudice in immigration; immigration’s effects on the growth of cities; steel & elevators importance in building

Group 5 – Politics and Protest - (Ch 21 white book/Topic 11.3-11.4-11.5 Pearsons)

Possible topics include: Politics and reform efforts; the assassination of James Garfield;  Muckrakers; Thomas Nast & Boss Tweed; Progressive reforms




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