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Project Description

This assignment is set up to help you deconstruct and analyze an amendment in the Constitution: Critique an amendment in the Constitution and judge its relevancy to a current issue/s in present day America.  How does that amendment hold up to the pressing issue/s now?  Or has society developed so much we need to rethink its inclusion as law.  If the amendment is no longer needed, would you replace it and what new amendment would you propose?  If the amendment still remains relevant to today's issues and can stand up to legal challenges, then why do citizens still like to challenge the amendment?  Is the push to change or do away with the amendment about social change or simply a political change for political power?

  • Paper must be at least 4 pages, but you crafting an argument might demand more than four pages.(double space).  Don't limit it to four pages if your argument requires more information beyond producing four pages.
  • You must use a primary source(constitution) and two other sources. Wikipedia is not a source.  
  • Paper must have a bibliography (cite sources)
  • You cannot use any of the case studies we have discussed in class so far(they know the cases we studied).
  • Paper must be turned in at class time on Thursday, November 3rd.  5 points taken off for each day it is not turned in.

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