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World Cultures Middle East Spring 2018: Home

World Cultures Research Project


Middle East, satellite image. Photograph. Britannica ImageQuest, Encyclopædia Britannica, 2 Mar 2017. Accessed 21 Mar 2018.



North Africa/Southwest Asia Library Research


You are going to use the sources on the LibGuide to find information using the Five Themes of Geography to learn about a country that you selected in North Africa/Southwest Asia. The main purpose of the assignment is to use different resources to gather information and cite each one correctly.


There are 4 main parts to complete this assignment.

  • First, you have to take bulleted notes of the information for each of the requirements below.
  • Second, you will use your bulleted notes to write complete sentences of the information for the requirements below (see my example).
  • Third, you have to create a bibliography using Noodle Tools to cite all of the research information AND the pictures for the requirements below.
  • Fourth, you will create a 5 slide Powerpoint of the pictures that are indicated for the requirements below (see my example).


You should use Calibri, size 12 font and set your margins at 0.7 on the top, bottom, left, and right for the bulleted notes and the final written assignment. Provide the required information from the resources in order and number each one. Single-space the information from each resource, but double-space the information between each different resource for the notes and final assignment. You should be able to get all of the required information from the resources on one page for the bulleted notes and the final assignment.


Additional requirements


  • Include the ° symbol, not the word degree for the coordinates, AND only write the first two numbers for the latitude and longitude--example 32°N, 53°E not 32 00°N, 53 00°E.
  • You have to use at least 3 different sources on the LibGuide for your information. Remember, more is better.
  • Include italics on the bulleted notes and final assignment if it was in the sources that you used.
  • Be sure to include a caption or title for the pictures on the Powerpoint presentation.


Specific instructions of the information to research will be given to you in class and posted on Schoology.



Contact a Librarian

We are your librarians and we look forward to working with you. We are generally available in our offices for drop-in help before school, during lunch or after school. 

Terri Kaplan
Head Librarian
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