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The Holocaust

           The Jewish Museum Marks National Holocaust Memorial Day
The Jewish Museum Marks National Holocaust Memorial Day. Photography. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 17 Feb 2016.

Project Description


  1. Learn and conduct research on a topic, related to the Holocaust, that interests you.

  2. Demonstrate what you have learned and researched through a written report on your topic.


Steps to Achieve Goals:

  1. Choose a topic related to the Holocaust that interests you, here are some suggestions.

  2. Check with Dr. Cochran to make sure your topic is acceptable.

  3. Find sources of information on your topic using the project LibGuide.

  4. Cite these sources using NoodleTools.

  5. Use the skills we have practiced for annotating non-fiction texts and note-taking to identify the important information on your topic from the sources you have used.

  6. Use the skills we have practiced for avoiding plagiarism to take notes notes and then to write a report in your own words on your topic.


Final Products:

  1. A properly formatted report that is no more than three pages long.

**If it is more than three pages long Dr. Cochran will not accept it.**

  1. A properly formatted bibliography for your report.


Important Things to Remember Before You Begin:

  • All due dates and grading rubrics are on Schoology.

  • Read all instructions carefully, this includes rubrics.

  • Read the NoodleTools Notes on the LibGuide.

  • You must have at least TWO different types of sources for your report.

  • You may only use sources specifically approved by the librarians.

Contact a Librarian

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Terri Kaplan
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