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World Cultures Research Project


China Research Project

For this research project, you will be looking into the government and geography of China. This will involve looking into the type and authority of the government, the various geographic regions in China, and two significant physical features in China.

Products and Dates - Bulleted Notes, Google Slides Presentation, and Timeline

  • Library dates: Tuesday 4/3-Friday 4/6

  • Bulleted Notes due Friday 4/6 (at the END of class) - on page 1

  • Presentation due Wednesday 4/11 (at the BEGINNING of class) - on page 2-3

  • Timeline due Friday 4/13 (at the END of class) - on page 4

Bulleted Notes (due Friday 4/6)

As for the Geography Research project in the fall, you will be creating bulleted notes for your research. You should organize your notes according to the questions that are listed below for the “Google Slides Presentation.”

  • Use incomplete sentences and bullet points

  • Use NoodleTools for your sources -- INCLUDE the Bibliography at the bottom of your bulleted notes

  • Use Calibri, size 12 font (does not have to be double-spaced)

  • Use the following heading:

[Your Name]

Ms. Campbell

Bulleted Notes

April 6, 2018

Google Slides Presentation (due Wednesday 4/11)

You will be creating a presentation of 5-8 slides (including a title slide and bibliography slide) answering the following questions using CultureGrams and the Student World Atlas as well as books in the library. Make sure to include relevant images (using Britannica Image Quest).

**Note: Your information should not be in paragraph form on your slides. However, use complete sentences but with bullets.


  • Peter Parker gained his powers as “Spiderman” due to a bite from a radioactive spider.

  • Captain America gained his strength from an experiment.

Questions to Answer:

  1. Title Slide

    1. “China Research Project

    2. Your Name

    3. Ms. Campbell

    4. Image of China

  2. Government Slide

    1. What type of government does China have? (1 sentence)

    2. Who is the leader of China’s government? (1 sentence)

    3. What does it mean to be a communist country? (1 sentence)

    4. What kind of controls does the government place on the people? (1-2 sentence(s))

    5. How many provinces does China have? (1 sentence)

  3. People of China Slide - use CultureGrams

    1. What is the population of China? (1 sentence)

    2. What is the diversity of the population in China? (1 sentence)

      1. Ethnicity

      2. Male/Female

      3. Other factor (choose another factor that indicates the diversity of the population)

    3. How difficult do you think it will be to govern so large of a population? Explain your answer. (two sentences) -- this is your opinion

  4. Geography Slide (use the National Geographic Student Atlas)

    1. In what hemisphere and continent is China located? (1 sentence)

    2. What are the main geographic regions in China? (1 sentence)

    3. What are four climate zones in China? (1 sentence)

    4. What is one significant physical feature in China? Where is it? Why is it significant? (1-2 sentence(s))

    5. What is one significant physical feature in China? Where is it? Why is it significant? (1-2 sentence(s))

  5. Bibliography Slide - use NoodleTools to create your bibliography

    1. List the sources that you used -- **need at least 3 sources - the Student Atlas counts as one of those 3 sources (NO WIKIPEDIA!!!)

    2. One book

    3. One database

    4. National Geographic Student Atlas

    5. Cite the images that you used

Timeline (due Friday 4/13)

You will also create a timeline that will be PRINTED OUT. (You may use Google Docs, Word, or simply draw the timeline on paper.) You will use this BBC News article to find the information.

  • The timeline will note the changes in government and the protests from 1947-2016 in China.

  • Focus on the changes in government in China and major protests.

  • You should have 8-10 events.

  • The timeline should be COLORFUL and include images relevant to the events.

    • If drawing the timeline by hand, you can print out the images and paste them onto your paper

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We are your librarians and we look forward to working with you. We are generally available in our offices for drop-in help before school, during lunch or after school. 

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