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Road to Revolution


Road to Revolution

Road to Revolution

How did we get from “Salutary Neglect” to the Revolutionary War?

Your mission: Examine the events of the 18th century in the colonies and determine how America and Great Britain’s relationship transformed from friendly trade partners to adversarial, warring factions. 


  • Bulleted notes (Research) - due Oct 8  (in schoology) 

  • Fishbowl discussion  (Communication) - due Oct 8 

  • Paper with in-text citations - due Oct 16 (printed out for peer editing)

  • Final paper (Writing) - due Oct 18 (in schoology)

  • Works Cited (Research) - due Oct 18 (in schoology)

Research Guidelines:

  • Pick three events from the list below to research

  • A minimum of three sources must be used for research.

    • You may only use resources that are on the Lib Guide.

  • You will create bulleted notes of your research.

  • Research for EACH event:

    • When was your event?

    • What was the event?

    • What happened during the event?

    • Who was involved?  

    • Why did the event happen? (think what was the motivation behind the event)

    • What was the outcome of the event?

    • Did it change the way the colonies were perceived by other Americans?  or by the Brits?

    • How did it contribute to the breakdown of relationship between the British and the colonies?

    • Find 1 primary source quote 

Events (choose 3):

  1. Pontiac’s Rebellion & Proclamation of 1763 

  2. Quartering Act

  3. Navigation Acts 

  4. Sugar Act 

  5. Tea Act & Boston Tea Party 

  6. Stamp Act

  7. Townshend Acts  

  8. Intolerable Acts 

  9. Boston Massacre 

Paper Format:

  • Well write a 2-3 page (max) research paper to answer guiding question above.

  • Times New Roman - 12 point

  • Double-spaced

  • One inch margins

  • Use in-text citations to identify your sources

  • MLA heading

Paper Structure:

  • Bring it up (Intro): Introduce the revolutionary time period, Salutary Neglect, and the three events you will be using.  End of with a thesis that will be the main focus of your paper.

  • Back it up (Body Paragraphs): Your body paragraphs will explain your main points. This section will be one-third to one-half of your entire paper and should be 2-3 individual paragraphs.   

  • Sum it up (Conclusion): In the concluding paragraph, you should restate your thesis and main points about each event AND explain which of the events you choose was the main cause of the revolution and why. There should be detailed analysis and thinking as to why your chosen event is the main cause of the revolution.

Note: We will have a writing workshop day after your research is completed to discuss your thesis and approaches to organizing the body paragraphs

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