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Dr. Link - Summer 2015

About this LibGuide

 Your ffinal project will be in the form of an essay.  You will select a a person whose life fascinates you.   Your person could be a saint (Agnes, Catherine George, Martin , etc.)  a military or political leader (Hannibal, Caesar, Vercingetorix, Richard the Lionhearted, etc.)  or anyone interesting (Lucretia, Cornelia, Brutus, Pompey).  You will gather information about the person's life, including his or her contributions to society, influences, achievements and any other accomplishments.  Then, you will consider the ideals ande virtues of the time -- chastity, loyalty, courage, wisdom, honor --  and evaluate how your person lived up to the ideals (or not!).  Be sure to cite your sources as you use them, and take good notes, including page numbers.  Your final essay will include parenthetical citations in the body of the paper and a Works Cited page at the end.  This research guide will help you find credible resources.  Do not hesitate to ask Dr. Link or a librarian if you have questions along the way.


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