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Set up:
Imagine it is 2073, and a group of 8th graders at Westminster are beginning to discuss their summer reading text. Now imagine that their text is a work you have read recently. You will look at this text as a way of answering the following driving questions:

Driving Questions:

How does literature or other texts act as a window to the cultural values of its time? How do stories of the past and present mirror our own culture for us to examine?  What trends and values do we see that hold steady over time? Why do you think that is?

1. Read student sample papers. Determine differing qualities in last year’s work.
2. Watch Mr. Meyer’s screencast

  • Different search terms yield different results
  • Going deeper into search results...keep looking
  • Evaluating sources/variety of sources (links back to search terms)
  • Looking for differing opinions...are they out there? (also links back to search terms)
  • Taking time to digest/process the information

Directions for individual research:

1. Pick any modern (2000 and beyond) text you have read recently. *It would be a good idea that you pick a famous or popular text so that there will definitely be criticism about it. Your text must be AGE appropriate. Your teacher will need to approve your choice.
NOTE - Text can be a movie, television show, video games, book, etc.

2. Research your text: According to modern critics, what values does your text reflect about our culture?
NOTE: You must choose three sources.

3. Ask Yourself and Write:  What does your text reflect about our culture for someone who is not in it? What would an 8th grader from 2072 think our current culture values based on what is promoted or devalued in your text? What trends and values would the 8th grader see that hold steady over time (1960-2012)? Why do you think those values hold true or not?

Essential Learnings Addressed:

  • Research, Technological Responsibility, Ethics, Digital Citizenship
  • Plagiarism/Copyright
  • Website Evaluation
  • Balanced research (multiple sources, other views, “the hidden internet”) Issues in Context database, Net trekker
  • Works Cited (Lib Guide)
  • Writing
  • Ideas
  • Organization (Introduction, Body paragraph(s), Conclusion)
  • Conventions (quote conventions for parenthetical citations only)
  • Presentation

Mr. Meyer's Research Screencast

"The Dark Knight Rises." Graphic. HD Wallpapers. Web. 5 Nov. 2013.

Click Batman to see Mr. Meyer's sreencast on best practices for research for this project.

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