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Intro to History Project 2019-2020: Home

Ms. Drewicz Ewing and Mr. Monahan

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Feel free to contact a librarian for research or citation assistance. We are generally available in our offices for drop in help or scheduled appointments throughout the academic day.

Liesel Good
Office: CFL, Main Level

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Office: CFL, Main Level

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The Parthenon

About this Research Guide

This research guide will introduce you to historical research using primary and secondary sources, and to the Chicago style of documentation.  You will have time in class to practice writing in the style historians use, providing endnotes and a bibliography for your reader(s).  These skills will serve you well as you prepare your upcoming assignments. 

For your final project this semester, you will do research to answer a specific question provided by your teacher.  Your research will include two primary sources, selected by your teacher.  In addition, you wil select four sources of your choosing, three of which will be books in any format.  Be sure to document the sources you use and take good notes.  This research guide should enable you to find resources.  Do not hesitate to ask your teacher and/or a librarian  if you need help along the way!