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Getting Started with downloadable E-books, Audiobooks, and E-zines in the CFL: E-books and Audiobooks

Want to read or listen to some of the CFL's digital resources? Need help getting set up? This is the guide for you; find your device and follow the instructions. Want in-person help? Just stop by the library with your device, and we'll get you set up!

E-Books and Downloadable Audiobooks in the CFL

Attention e-book and audiobook users! There is a NEW app for the library's e-books and downloadable audiobooks! 

  • Please delete any old apps you have been using: AxisReader, Acoustik, and/or Blio
  • Download the free Axis360 app to your device and use the instructions below to get started!

I'm using an Android device

Use these instructions to get set up for the CFL's e-books and audiobooks if you are using an Android phone or tablet, including Nook and Kobo tablets, and download the Axis 360 app from Google Play to read on your device(s).

I'm using a Kindle Fire

Use these instructions to get set up for the CFL's e-books and audiobooks on your Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD.

I want to use my school computer

Unfortunately, our "Magic Wall" e-books and audiobooks are not currently set up for use on Apple laptops or desktops (Mac OS X platforms) for anyone under the age of 18. If you are 18 or older, ask a librarian about how to get set up using Adobe Digital Editions on your Apple OS X laptop or desktop. 


I'm using an Apple iOS device

Use these instructions to get set up for the CFL's e-books and audiobooks using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, and download the Axis360 app from the App Store to read on your device. 


Q: I'm using these instructions, but I can't get it to work. Help!

  • A: Bring your device to the library and ask a librarian; we're happy to help get you set up!


Q: My e-book says "expired" and it won't open, but I didn't get to finish reading it.

  • A: The downloadable digital files automatically self-destruct after their loan period expires; to continue reading, note your place in the book, delete the title from your device (you MUST delete and re-download the title for the book to display properly), and then simply check out the book again!


Q: I want to check out an e-book or downloadable audiobook, but all I have is my school laptop. Can I still use e-books and audiobooks?

  • A: Yes! The library can lend you a device to read e-books or listen to audiobooks on; ask a librarian if you are interested in borrowing a device!


Q: I want to listen to or read a specific audiobook or e-book; but I don't see it in the CFL's collection?

  • A: Ask a librarian! We are happy to purchase requested titles whenever we can, in whatever format you prefer!


Q: Are the audiobooks on the Magic Wall the only audiobooks I can get from the CFL?

  • A: Not at all! We have many other audiobooks on CDs available for checkout in the library. To see what we have on CD, go to the catalog and put "sound recording" in the search box; the results list will show you over a hundred audiobooks on CD to borrow.


Q: I want to learn all of the apps features, where should I go?

Other e-readers and devices

I have a device that doesn't take apps (i.e. a Kindle Paperwhite or other black & white "e-ink" e-reader), what should I do to borrow library e-books and downloadable audiobooks?

Unfortunately, our e-books have DRM (Digital Rights Management) restrictions that require specific software (Adobe Digital Editions) to access. Unfortunately, Adobe has changed their terms of use in the Spring of 2015, and eligibility is now limited to "persons able to enter a binding contract" (i.e. anyone over 18 years old). We are working to find another way for students to access our e-books on their laptops and dedicated e-readers, and will update the community if another option becomes available. 

In the meantime, if you would like to read an e-book and do not have a device that takes the Axis360 app, please talk to a librarian; we have a device you may download the e-book or audiobook onto and borrow!


Contact a Librarian

Feel free to contact a librarian for research or citation assistance. We are generally available in our offices for drop in help or scheduled appointments throughout the academic day.

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