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9th OTB Project: Jews' Struggle for National Identity in the Post-Exile Era: Home

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Project Description

Jews' Struggle for National Identity in the Post-Exile Era

You will work in teams to create a multimedia presentation that explains how the Jews dealt with being religious minorities in a majority culture after the Babylonian exile and under Persian rule.  You will compare the nationalistic stance of Ezra/Nehmiah with the books of Ruth, Jonah, Esther and Daniel 1-6, analyzing the Jews' own self-perception based on these texts.  Using what you learn about the Jews as minorities under Persian rule, you will examine how religious minorities may be deemed as a threat to the majority culture.  Finally, based on what you learned from the biblical text, how can we correct misperceptions of religious minorities in America?

Good researchers use a variety of types of resources.  Many begin with books to frame the context of the project, then articles from databases for more specific and/or current information.  Use academic websites to supplement what you have already found elsewhere.  Finally, cite your sources as you gather them and take good notes as you read in order to avoid plagairism.  Do not hesitation to ask a librarian or Mrs. Solomon for help along the way.  Enjoy the journey!

Eboo Patel Podcast

Eboo Patel Podcast

Click on the link above to listen to the podcast with Eboo Patel entitled "Religious Passion, Pluralism, and the Young," which aired recently on American Public Radio's program On Being.  Notice that the links on the left include other resources, plus a transcript of the broadcast.

Eboo Patel Video

Eboo Patel Founder of the Interfaith Youth Core stresses what was in the time of MLK the challenge of the colour line today is the challenge of the faith line.

The Prophet Daniel

The Prophet Daniel.  Wood Engraving.  Britanica Image Finder.