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AP US Project: "Democracy and The Other in Antebellum America": Home

Mr. Batcheller

Map of US in 1840

1840 Map of the United States

The map of the United States shown below displays the boundaries for each of the states that existed in year 1840 according to the United States Geological Survey Bulletin 1212.

Red= Manmade boundary        Black=Disputed boundary


Floor Maps

Use the maps to locate resources in the Carlyle Fraser Library

Project Description

One of the fundamental questions in America is how citizens from each time period struggled to balance the desire for individual liberty with the need for order.  One of the reasons this question is so persistent in our history is because of the constant influx of new groups of people and the subsequent push to re-define who is a "citizen," and therefore worthy of inclusion in our society.

For your fall semester project, you and your group will research one of the following topics in order to discern how this group attempted to change or defend the 19th Century definition of 'citizen':

  • Abolitionism
  • First-Wave Feminism
  • European Immigration
  • Hispanic Migration
  • The Pro-Slavery Movement
  • The Nativist Movement
  • The Workers Movement

Your collaborative multimedia presentation will be 40% of your grade, and your individual paper will be 60% of your grade.  This guide will give you access to most of the resources for the project.  Do not hesitate to ask a librarian, Mr. Batcheller, or Mr. LaBouchere for help along the way.  Enjoy the research and presentation process!

Walt Whitman

 "I shall use America and democracy as convertible terms."

         -- Walt Whitman, "Democratic Vistas,"  1871


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