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Feel free to contact a librarian for research or citation assistance. We are generally available in our offices for drop in help before school, during lunch or during office hours.

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project grading rubric

World War II Assignment Rubric

Content (70)

 Opening paragraph (15)

   Thesis/topic is clearly brought up (10)

   General Introduction is succinct and flows well (5)

 Body paragraphs (40)

   Topic of each paragraph is clear (10)

   Details connect facts and themes (10)

   Backs up opening paragraph (10)

   Formal writing style (10)

 Closing paragraphs (15)

   Clearly sums up main points (10)

   Strong concluding sentences (5)

Project Description

World War II Library Project

Each student will write a 1 ½ to 2 page brief biography paper on their assigned person. A minimum of three online sources from the LibGuide must be used for research.


·         Times New Roman

·         12 point

·         Double-spaced

·         One inch margins

·         Use parenthetical citations to identify your sources


·         Bring it up: In your first paragraph, write one to two sentences which gives the answer to your question. This is known as a thesis statement.

·         Back it up: Body paragraph(s) which explain your thesis statement. This will be one-third to one-half of your entire paper.

·         Sum it up: Your concluding paragraph will have a summary/conclusion. No new information will be given here.


·         30%--parenthetical citations

·         70%--content

Good researchers use a variety of types of resources.  Many begin with books to frame the context of the project, then articles from databases for more specific and/or current information.  Use academic websites to supplement what you have already found elsewhere.  Finally, cite your sources as you gather them and take good notes as you read in order to avoid plagairism.

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World War II

"It's War!" Fine Art. Britannica Image Quest. Web. 30 Jan. 2012.


 "WWII:Rosie the Riveter." Fine Art.

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