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Feel free to contact a librarian for research or citation assistance. We are generally available in our offices for drop in help or scheduled appointments throughout the academic day.

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Office: CFL, Main Level

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Office: CFL, Upper Level

Prayer Book Illumination

Jesus: Agony in the Garden.  Illumination from a 14th century prayer book.  Britanica Image Finder.

Project Description

Biblical Research

Welcome to biblical research at Westminster!  You will be amazed at the breadth and depth of our resources in the Carlyle Fraser Library.  Use this Guide to familarize yourself with the collection and with the main categories of biblical research materials.  Click into the short, educational assignment below, which should serve to introduce you to the Gospel of Mark.

For future projects, remember that good researchers use a variety of types of resources.  Many begin with books to frame the context of the project, then articles from databases for more specific and/or current information.  Use academic websites to supplement what you have already found elsewhere.  Finally, cite your sources as you gather them and take good notes as you read in order to avoid plagairism.  Do not hesitate to ask a librarian or your teacher for help along the way.