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World Cultures Gayanilo/China Spring 2018: Home

World Cultures Research Project


China Research Project - Gayanilo

For this research project, you will be looking into the geography and government and of China. This will involve looking into the type and authority of the government, the various geographic regions in China, and the economic system of China.

Products - Paper, Timeline, Bibliography

  1. Paper -- You will be writing a 1 - 1 and a half page(s) paper (three paragraphs). In paragraph form you will be answering the following questions using CultureGrams and the Student World Atlas as well as books in the library:

    1. Geographic  

      1. In what hemisphere and continent is China located? (1 sentence)

      2. What are the main geographic regions in China? (1 sentence)

      3. What are four climate zones in China? (1 sentence)

      4. What is one significant physical feature in China? Where is it? Why is it significant? (1-2 sentence(s))

      5. Choose two geographic regions and COMPARE the differences between them in 2-3 sentences.

      6. Include one map of China to support one of the questions you answer. Wrap text around the image.

    2. Government

      1. What type of government does China have? (1 sentence)

      2. Who is the leader of China’s government? (1 sentence)

      3. What kind of controls does the government place on the people? (1-2 sentence(s))

      4. How many provinces does China have? (1 sentence)

      5. What is the population of China? (1 sentence)

      6. How difficult do you think it will be to govern so large of a population? Explain your answer. (two sentences)

      7. Include one government image from Britannica ImageQuest.  Wrap text around the image.

    3. Economics

      1. What type of economic system does China have? (1 sentence)

      2. How is their economic system today different from the past? (1 sentence)

      3. How big is China’s economy (ie GDP) in the world today? (1 sentence)

      4. What three main sectors of economic activity make up China’s GDP? (1 sentence)

      5. What are long term threats to China’s rapid economic development? (1-2 sentence(s))

      6. How do you think the rise of China’s economy will impact the United States? (two sentences)

      7. Include one image that shows China’s economics from Google.  Wrap text around the image.

  2. Timeline -- You will also create a timeline on Google Slides on the changes in government and protests from 1947-2016 in China. **Focus on the changes in government in China and major protests. (You will use this BBC News article ) You should have 8-10 events.

  3. Bibliography -- You will be using NoodleTools to create a bibliography for your paper. It will be at the end of your paper ON A SEPARATE DOCUMENT.  

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